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At Calvary Chapel Schools we believe in a healthy, Christ-centered, well-rounded school culture and campus life. Walk onto our campus after any given school day and you will find athletic teams practicing, our ASB club decorating, kids playing on the playground, parents fellowshiping, church bible studies gathering, and CCS staff working hard to prepare for the next day. There is never a dull moment on a campus shared with a church and four schools! 

Part of CCS culture is teaching our students how to take the initiative in their after-school interests. Our desire is to provide opportunities for our students to thrive. Are you interested in an activity like speech and debate or chess club? Start your own club and we will provide the resources to make it happen. Do you like a certain sport? Try out for that sport. Here are some highlights from life on campus:

Veterans Day Parade

For the past 49 years, Calvary Chapel Schools has been honored to celebrate Veterans Day with a special Parade and Ceremony. Our entire school, preschool through 12th Grade, sets up in long lines around the CCS school campus to cheer on those who fought for our freedoms. War veterans from WWII, to Vietnam, to Korea, to Afghanistan, are represented and honored by our school staff, students, and administration. There are smiles, tears, hugs, and prayers every year as our CCS Band played "God Bless America" and our veterans are given standing ovations in the ceremony and delicious food afterward. We will never forget our troops, past and present, who fought for our liberty to live and worship God freely. God bless America, our home sweet home! Check out these highlights:

Associate Student Body (ASB)

Our most popular and largest club on campus and one that most embodies Calvary's school spirit is our CCHS ASB club! Planning events like pep rallies, homecoming, winter formal, senior night, prom, and graduation are just a few of the ASB's activities. Our high school students vote on a president and vice president for the club itself and also for each grade. The grade compete for "school spirit" points throughout the year given for best designs, best dances, most attendance, and most points for various competitions. The grade that wins the most points gets a day off at the end of the year! Check out just a few of the ASB highlights below:

Where Everyone Belongs (WEB) Club

The WEB club is a middle school club designed to unite students for one single purpose: to make school great, safe, and a connected place for students to learn. WEB is built on the premise that students can help students succeed. Principal Mark Allen along with the WEB directors facilitate peer mentorship at CCMS using leadership and group development methodologies. WEB is able to bring out the very best in students. As a team, the students coordinate, create, and run events like the CCMS Pep Rallies, Lunch-Time Activities, Orientation, Mixers, etc. WEB has meetings regularly to discuss and outline how to successfully execute these big events. WEB inspires others, but also inspires the WEB leaders themselves. They learn how to be the best role models, motivators, leaders and teachers. We believe that middle school students can profoundly improve community conditions, and work together to make our school and neighborhood safe. Check out just a few of the highlights from WEB below:

Bible Bowl

Calvary Chapel Elementary School hosts an annual Bible Bowl where students go "head-to-head" in an intense showdown of Bible knowledge. We host this as a way to help students learn and memorize the Bible. The students have so much fun! Last year, the white "Soaring Doves" placed first with the blue "Apostles of Christ" close behind. The questions taken from 1st Corinthians ranged from true-and-false, short answer, and multiple choice. We are proud of our elementary students who worked so hard and prepared for months studying scripture! Check out the highlights below: 

Preschool Trike-A-Thon

Every year, our preschool hosts the Trike-A-Thon. Shouts of fun and cheers can be heard as our preschoolers race each other around the track. Scooters, bikes, face paint, shaved ice, scones, bounce houses, merch, and a silent auction are all a part of the day. It's an incredible way to get our Calvary preschool family together for some active fun! Check out our highlights from the much-anticipated, annual preschool Trike-a-Thon:

Bus Day

Calvary Chapel Preschool hosts fun events throughout the year like the trike-a-thon, preschool olympics, and coffee & scones, to encourage parents and their kids to gather and have some fun. One such event has become a tradition at CCP: Bus Day. Bus Day is always a blast for the kids. Our preschoolers go on an annual Bus Field Trip to get some delicious popsicles and singing "The wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round...". What is a few laps around the school on the school bus to us, is an adventure to them! They never fail to have a blast! Check out the highlights from last year's Bus Day below: